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Our Sites Reciprocal Link Exchange Requirements.



Reciprocal Link Exchange Requirements


Reciprocal Link Exchange Requirements That Make Sense

  1. The link/resource page where you will be placing our url information must be within one or two clicks from the home page. (There is no value to me in being listed on a page with 200 other website links in what appears to be a link farm.
  2. The page where my link will reside MUST have some Google Page rank (PR), preferably 3 or higher. (For example, no 0 PR pages will be accepted, because trading reciprocal links with sites with a page rank of 0 hurts my page rank. You see, this is where the value of the reciprocal link is.)
  3. All links must be static links and link directly to the site without passing through a dynamic linking code. (Yes, there are some who want my link to go to their website but the link listing for my site does not return to my site.)
  4. The link information must bring value to both websites. Why should I send people searching for information I can give them to your site, where you want to give them exactly the same information or take away ministry funding opportunities on my website?
  5. Understand that exchanging links is a privilege.
  6. Value of the link as to the needs of my website visitors, it will simply be removed from my site if it does not.

Please be sure that you meet all reciprocal link exchanging requirements or your link exchange request will not be accepted.

Remember that the idea behind reciprocal link trading is that both parties find benefit from doing so.


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