Need to get rust off

an Iron wok?


You can, Restore your wok!

How to get rust off Iron pans or Wok/woks? How Can I get Rust off a Wok?

Solution to getting rust off woks, that work!.



CAUTION: Make sure your WOK is not a Teflon coated type and that the Teflon is not peeling off; Teflon is bad for you, if you ingest it! If it is Teflon and is peeling, Discard this utensil and get a new one...


BASIC NEW WOK TREATMENT SOLUTION: Before using a "New" Wok. You must "Season the Wok" Instruction on Seasoning a new Wok is as follows, coat the inside with cooking oil with a thin layer, and put it in your Oven at about 300 degrees for about 5-7 minutes (This is if the Wok is is oven-safe) careful with the handles. You may need to wrap the handles with a wet towel. This wrapping will prevent from burning your handles. Remove the wok from the oven, set it on a heat resistant pad or cookie cooling table top rack, wipe out any excess oil, and let cool. The wok will be easier to clean the next time if all of the baked on oil is not removed.


NOW! TO REMOVE THE RUST FROM A WOK THAT THE RUST HAS ALREADY SET IN: ON THE SURFACES: Scour a Wok with an SOS pad or other similar scrubber. WD-40 and some fine steel wool (or pot scouring pads). Wipe out the loose rust. Then apply a minimal amount Comet or CLR, WD-40 or cooking oil and apply a generous portion of "elbow strength" (effort). Periodically while scrubbing, wipe the Rust Residue out with some paper towels and repeat until clean. Wash and rinse in hot water. Dry the wok and wipe down the inside with some cooking oil and a paper towel. The wok rusted up because of natural oxidation. To prevent a recurrence, simply coat it with a light layer of your preferred cooking oil.



FINAL NOTE FOR CONTINUED MAINTENANCE: Wash and scrub the Wok as best you can, then heat it as hot as possible. Add Peanut Oil to the surface and cook it in to the metal. If you have peanut allergy, then try corn oil. In the future, wash after using and re-oil the wok with a high temperature oil (*Peanut Oil is preferred) right after each use and cleaning to store your Wok.



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