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How much to tip for 30 professions during the Holidays or

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One theory on the origins of tipping holds that it came about in England during the sixteenth century, when coffeehouses and local pubs put out brass urns with the inscription "To Insure Promptitude."

In the early 1900s, tipping was so unpopular that some states, including Washington, Mississippi, Arkansas, Iowa, South Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia, passed laws banning it and even made it a misdemeanor to tip. These laws were repealed between 1913 and 1926.

There are more than 30 professions that get tips.

Americans tip more than $23-billion in restaurants alone every year.

Source: "The History of Tipping from Sixteenth-century England to United States in the 1910s" by Ofer H. Azar


from the Emily Post Institute:

Au pair or live-in nanny, one week's pay and a gift from your child.

Regular babysitter, one evening's pay and a small gift from your child.

Day care provider, a gift from you or $25-$70 for each staff member and a small gift from your child(ren).

Live-in help (nanny, cook, butler, housekeeper), one week to one month of pay as a cash tip, plus a gift from you.

Private nurse, a thoughtful gift from you.

Housekeeper/cleaner, up to the amount of one week's pay and/or a small gift.

Nursing home employees, a gift that could be shared by the staff (flowers or food items).

Barber, cost of one haircut or a gift.

Beauty salon staff, give individual cards or a small gift each for those who work on you.

Personal trainer, up to the cost of one session or a gift.

Massage therapist, up to the cost of one session or a gift.

Pet groomer, up to the cost of one session or a gift.

Dog walker, up to one week's pay or a gift.

Personal caregiver, between one week's to one month's salary or a gift.

Pool cleaner, the cost of one cleaning to be split among the crew.

Garage attendants, $10-$30 or a small gift

Newspaper delivery person, $10-30 or a small gift

Mail carrier, small gift only

Superintendent, $20-80 or a gift

Doorman, $15-$80. $15 or more each for multiple doormen, or a gift.

Elevator operator, $15-$40 each

Handyman, $15 to $40

Yard/Garden worker, $20-$50 each or a gift

Teachers, a gift (not cash)

Wait service/servers (sit down) 15-20% pretax

Wait service (buffet) 10%

Host, no obligation, $10-$20 on occasion, if you are a regular patron

Takeout, no obligation, 0-10% if the person went above normal service

Bartender, $1 per drink or 15-20% of tab

Tipping jars, no obligation but tip occasionally if you are a regular or if the person went above normal service

Restroom attendant, 50 cents-$3, depending on service

Valet, $2-$5

Skycap, $2 first bag, $1 per additional bag

Housekeeper, $2-$5 per day, left daily

Concierge, $5 for tickets or reservations, $10 if hard to get; no need to tip for answering questions

Taxi driver, 15% plus an extra $1-$2 if helped with bags

Hairdresser, 15-20%, ask to be split among those who served you

Manicurist, 15-20%

Facial, waxing, massage, 15-20%


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For a $75 tab take the tip of the  $50 amount and add to the tip of the  $25 amount to get the tip amount to leave which would be $11.25 for 15% or $15.00 for 20%.


Below Comment from a site I was sent these comment from unknown e-mailer!

*All you people out there that don't tip know who you are and so does god. remember that.

*How can people be so cheap - tip the poor kids who are trying to make some decent money. I'm not rich but I always tip 20%. Even curbside. It makes me feel good. I got laid off after 9-11 and had to valet park cars for 3 months. Pickups, Toyotas and Kia's.... $10 buck tips. BMW 7 Series... TWO BUCKS WITHOUT FAIL !!!

*My daughter works ToGo at On the Border. She doesn't get paid min. wage so she relies on tips. Most people give tips, but it's usually the biggest orders that don't give anything. Next time you get to go think about the person that is getting all of it together.

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